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A winter walk in Foret du Grand Orient RNP (March 2010) [© Steve Marshall/Wild Future Photo]


France is amazingly diverse: in landscape, culture, history and architecture, there is so much to see and experience in a country where the ancient, traditional and modern often sit comfortably side by side. There is a part of France to suit everybody!

Starting just across the channel, and all the way to the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps, is a country of contrasts, temptations, secrets and surprises. With a population the same as Britain's but a land mass nearly three times larger in area, France has a spread out feeling to Brits - and all this space means that, in addition to the popular destinations like the Loire Valley or the Dordogne, there are sparsely populated and little visited areas for us to find and enjoy.

Try lesser known areas such as the Brenne, a wetland regional park south of the Loire with over a thousand lakes, or the Morvan, a region of hills, lakes and thick forests in Burgandy with a rich Resistance history. The Wild Future site will guide you through how to enjoy the French countryside: where to go, maps, access law and those French words to look out for!

France has a superb reputation for accommodation, with excellent camping facilities, family-run gîtes and welcoming hotels, and of course French food and drink needs little introduction! Our site can help you find recommendations to suit, whether your tastes run to a camping stove or a 5-star hotel and restaurant.


Nogent-sur-Seine, Aube department, Champagne-Ardennes, France (March 2010) [© Steve Marshall/Wild Future Photo]

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