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Wild Future provides expert advice and project management related to the environment, ecology, heritage and landscape.

Our goal is to assist clients in achieving intelligent land, asset and facility design, maintenance and management in an efficient and cost-effective manner whilst promoting green and sustainable methods of working.

From strategy production, site assessment, management planning and consultation through to advice on landscape maintenance, conservation or visitor management, the Wild Future team and associates can help deliver your project.


Management strategies and plans

We have extensive experience in producing or advising on land management at both a strategic and a practical level, from a regional basis down to a specific site and covering urban parks, country parks, nature reserves, woodland, farmland and historic landscapes. We have successfully produced Green Flag plans and Conservation Management Plans in support of award and grant applications.

Project management

Put your project in good hands by asking us to manage it on your behalf. Our varied experience includes: grant-aided projects; service improvement; green space design; overseeing landscape construction; site interpretation; events programmes; health and safety improvement; community consultation; partnership working; and land acquisition.

Nature conservation and heritage management

Our extensive knowledge in this area can be at your service, assisting with management advice on individual sites or strategies for wider land holdings. Landscape reinstatement, habitat creation and species management are just some of our Director's key skills, learned through managing nature reserve portfolios and heritage projects for several organisations.

Grounds maintenance

With considerable experience in managing grounds maintenance contracts and works, we can advise on procurement of services or assist with estimating maintenance programme costs for projects and properties. We can also assess the current standards you are achieving, offer solutions for improvement and assist with implementation.

Visitor and access management

Let our expertise provide effective solutions for you in managing the conflicts between different groups of users and the aims for your site. With a background in managing all types of land - from large rural reserves to busy urban parks - there is little we won't have come across before.

Environmental Planning matters

Our Director has experience of giving independent planning advice, primarily to local authorities, on ecology, protected species, soft and hard landscaping, and play.

Human Resources, transformation and budgets

Our Director has led significant staff and process change in several organisations and can provide expertise and assistance on your need or plans to change the way you work. Similarly, having led both expansions and reductions of service, we can advise on the effectiveness of current or planned spend. Furthermore, we can assist with processes such as recruitment and interviewing of environmental staff and undertake independent disciplinary investigations.

Other specialities

Through our network of associates, we can also provide the following services as part of our provision: landscape design; tree condition surveys; ecological, habitat and protected species surveys to industry required specifications.

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About us

Wild Future is a small company providing environmental consultancy and related services to clients in the private, public and not-for profit sectors.

At our heart is the mission of promoting the sustainable management of our environment and heritage through advice and increased awareness, leading to greater support for these issues.

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Who we are

Our Director, Steve Marshall, has 20 years' experience in the public, private and voluntary sectors, managing a broad range of rural and urban landscapes, cultural and leisure facilities.

In 2011, Steve established Wild Future as a platform from which to provide consultancy and other services to government, industry and the public.

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Please get in touch with us by telephone or by email - we value your enquiries, feedback and your custom.